Matthew Revell

Running developer communities


Module overview

Whether you’re responsible for a mature developer community or you’re starting out with something brand new, it can seem as though there’s no roadmap to help you decide what to do and when.

In this module, we’ll look at the theory and practice of developer communities, covering:

  • the different types of developer community and when they are most appropriate
  • the reasons that developers become involved in communities and how you can serve their needs while meeting your company’s goals
  • how to structure the long term and day to day running of your community
  • creating and implementing strategies to win new developers to your community
  • how to measure the success and output of your community and then communicating that back to your management.

Bringing everything back to real-world examples, you’ll finish the session with a grounding in the theory and practice of running developer communities.

About the trainer

Matthew has been working professionally in developer relations for the past thirteen years.

Today, he runs the Hoopy developer relations consultancy, where he and his team help companies large and small to put the right dev rel strategies into practice.