Joe Nash

Social media for developer audiences


Module overview

Social media, in all its forms, plays an important role in how developers learn, socialise, and progress their careers

But it’s not like most social media. The culture and methods of engagement around social media for developers are easy to get wrong. There’s a fine-line to tread between getting it right and the uncanny valley.

In this module, you’ll cover:

  • the primary modes of engagement with developers through social media
    the specifics of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Hacker News, Reddit, and other channels
    an exploration of examples of developer targeted social media that work well, and why, alongside those that don’t
    a framework for creating and using an authentic, consistent voice in your social media.

Join Joe to learn how to create a developer-friendly social media strategy.

About the trainer

After leading the student developer programme at GitHub, Joe Nash turned to developer community consulting and today works as a consultant with Hoopy and runs the APAC league for Major League Hacking.