Xe Iaso

Senior Technophilosopher


Guerilla event planning at bigger conferences

When you’re going out in force at a bigger event for developer relations stuff, you tend to want to have a booth. A booth allows people to have a place to come and bother you, and it also gives your employees a place to stash stuff at a conference. Booths have very low conversion rates, but at the same time, they are the main way that the conference makes money.

Today we’re going to tell you our secret to how to get more conversions from less effort: sponsor the conference but decline the booth, create a private event, hand out swag people will actually use, and go where the people are. It’s infinitely more effective and saves infinitely more sea turtles from suffocating to death due to your cheap plastic swag clogging their airways.

Why chain yourself to a booth when you don’t have to? You can staff an event with just a couple people without the booth looking sad and empty. A sad booth is so much worse than no booth.

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