Tena Šojer Keser

Global developer content expert


Tena came to the world of DevRel through a series of happy accidents. She started her career as a tech journalist & editor, took a detour through the marketing industry, settled for a while as a PM in a software development agency, then circled back to media as a partner in tech outlet Netokracija. Following a successful exit, she landed in the role of Development Content Expert in Infobip, where her mixed bag of skills comes in quite handy.

We turned developers into journalists – and it made them better developers

Every company wants its own engineering blog. Engineers that want to write for company blogs, though, are so rare and mythical that they might as well be unicorns.
Infobip was so keen on finding those unicorns within their ranks that they bought a whole media company in 2022 to make that happen – my media company. As it turns out, a lot of developers like to write, and those that don’t like writing in particular at least like to learn new things. They just need the right tools, time, and motivation.

Being journalists, the best way we knew how to do that was to teach our devs to be journalists as well. Through writing rooms akin to ones in traditional media, we encourage devs to explore and discuss current news, industry topics, happenings within the company, and to question their own viewpoints. Aside from getting our devs to create great content regularly (and voluntarily), for both our own engineering blog and different dev-oriented media, it has also helped them be better developers. Changing a mindset from dev to journalist (even for a short time) helped them communicate better, do better research, hone their creativity, challenge their own ideas, and write better documentation. This, in turn, has made them want to participate in workshops and writing rooms more, creating a content-happy culture.

The aim of this talk is to share what we learned through our writing program, but also to help fellow devrels:
– Find a content culture within their company;
– Motivate developers to become writers and advocates;
– Organize their own writing rooms and learning programs for developers;
– Do it all with limited budget and manpower (Because buying a media company to do so might be an overkill)

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