Tara King

Director of Developer Relations


Tara King (they/them or she/her) is a long-time, community-taught backend developer who is committed to helping developers find success and build more equitable and humane systems. Currently Director of Developer Relations at PagerDuty, Tara previously led developer relations and community teams at Automattic and Pantheon.

Tara has served as the lead of Drupal Diversity & Inclusion and as a Core Mentor for Drupal. They are also a novelist and avid boardgamer.

Resilience: Building a burnout-resistant life in developer relations

The world is on fire and keeps finding new and inventive ways of burning. How’s a person meant to keep up their head?

Developer relations is a wonderful, exciting part of the tech industry – but it’s also especially prone to inducing burnout.
The blurred boundaries between your personal brand and the company brand, your personal relationships and the company’s customers and competitors, the thrill of working inside the community and the sorrow of knowing you can’t fix it all for them. We’re just small parts of big machines.
We can build better, more sustainable devrel jobs – by clarifying our priorities, by defining the ways we will or won’t speak on behalf of the company, and by communicating these priorities internally. By making time for rest and recovery in the whirlwind of content creation and travel.

At the end of the talk, attendees will be able to:
– Define and understand burnout
– Identify five developer-relations-specific factors for burnout
– Make a plan for how they can recover from burnout

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