Sue Smith 

Developer Experience Lead


Sue Smith has been working in developer learning since 2007, following a variety of dead-end jobs including several years in the arts. Highlights have included designing education strategy at Postman and building out the platform’s initial training and certification program, and co-founding a non-profit that partnered with the Mozilla Foundation on a series of open education events.
Sue joined the Glitch team in 2021, which later became part of the edge cloud platform Fastly, where she creates pathways to help developers learn and make the web.

An open framework for developer learning

We know more than ever about helping people learn coding skills. In this talk, Sue will run through some of the key principles in effective developer education and show how you can implement them in your resources. Sue will also introduce a reusable framework that puts the understanding we’ve gained from research and learning science into practice, through self-serve experiences delivered in Glitch.

As a DevRel practitioner, you’ll be able to leverage this new framework when onboarding developers with your tech. It’s an open source community project that you’ll access through apps you can remix and tweak to suit your needs. The apps include the ability to track engagement – to demonstrate the impact of your learning programs and identify the places people get stuck trying to adopt your products.

Takeaways will include a rundown of practices you can reapply in your own work, and info on trying out the learning framework, with supporting material and channels to connect through after the session. Sue will cover techniques such as teaching practical skills in context, educating inclusively, centering the developer and their goals, connecting to the ecosystem, co-authoring with stakeholders, and reflecting pedagogical models such as PRIMM.

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