Shy Ruparel

Developer Advocate


Shy Ruparel has spent his nine-year career empowering all types of developers. He started at Major League Hacking, helping to grow the burgeoning student hackathon movement. Helped folks learn about static sites and serverless technologies at Contentful, and educated folks about containers at Docker.
In his latest role as a founding developer advocate at Superblocks, he shares the benefits of internal tooling. In his free time, he’s playing day-long board games, building useless IoT projects, cooking for his friends and avoidably wishing folks to have a great day on Social Media.

The DevRel Layoff Survival Guide

Layoffs are a reality in today’s corporate world, and even top-performing Developer Relations (DevRel) teams are not immune.

In this talk, Shy will discuss strategies for surviving layoffs in DevRel and navigating the uncertainty that comes with them.
Dev Advocate, Shy Ruparel will share practical tips learned from experiencing this situation on how to prepare for layoffs, deal with the aftermath, and emerge stronger from the experience. By the end of this session, you’ll have a practical understanding of how to navigate layoffs and emerge stronger from the experience. Whether you’re facing the prospect of a layoff or simply want to be better prepared for the unexpected, this talk will equip you with the insights and strategies you need to thrive in times of uncertainty.

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