Sarah Jane Morris

Senior Manager, Developer Community


Navigating Impact in DevRel: A Guide for the Mindful Job Seeker

DevRel is an ever changing beast, and finding a role that not only advances your career but also aligns with your values and lifestyle is more crucial than ever. This talk, led by SJ Morris (she/her), aims to empower DevRel professionals and aspirants to navigate the job market with intention and insight. SJ will explore strategies for assessing potential roles and companies, not just for their immediate appeal but for their long-term viability and alignment with personal values. She’ll delve into recognizing red flags that may indicate misalignment with work-life balance, and how the evolving and specializing nature of DevRel roles can impact your career trajectory. Through this discussion, attendees will learn to identify companies with staying power and ensure their personal and professional values are in harmony, all while avoiding the pitfalls of burnout. This talk will weave in contemporary issues such as layoffs and the importance of work-life balance, providing a comprehensive guide for those looking to make informed decisions in their DevRel careers.

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