Ron Northcutt

Head of Developer Relations


How to Build and Deliver Compelling Technical Demos

Have you ever left a technical demo feeling like you just didn’t connect with your audience? You’re not alone. The art of delivering technical concepts in a clear, engaging, and memorable way is a challenge many of us face in DevRel. But what if I told you that the secret to captivating demos has been mastered by another field entirely—sales engineering?

Dive into the crossover techniques that sales engineers use to turn complex technical demos into compelling, unforgettable narratives.
In this interactive session, you’ll discover:
– A foolproof demo framework that captures and holds attention
– Psychological tactics to engage and resonate with your audience
– Strategies to highlight your key points so they’re unforgettable
– The ‘demo crimes’ that could sabotage your presentation and how to avoid them
– Transformative tips to elevate your demo into a world-class presentation

I promise you’ll leave not just with ideas that will revolutionize your next presentation, making it 2-5 times more effective, but also with practical worksheets and resources to refine and perfect your newfound skills. Join us for a transformative journey from good to great, and turn your technical demos into the kind of presentations that not only inform but inspire.

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