Randall Degges

Head of Developer Relations & Community


Randall runs Developer Relations & Community at Snyk, where he works on developer security, engineering, and education. In his spare time, Randall writes articles and gives talks advocating for security best practices. Randall also builds and contributes to various open-source security tools.

Randall’s realms of expertise include Python, JavaScript, and Go development, web security, cryptography, and infrastructure security. Randall has been writing software for over 20 years and has built a number of popular API services and open-source tools.

Building resiliency into your DevRel team

Co-presenting with Matt Javis

When economic conditions are tough, Dev Rel teams can find themselves impacted or under pressure – we’re usually not directly attached to revenue, and can find that our remit isn’t tightly aligned with the current needs of the business. But DevRel is a diverse and varied job whose practitioners encompass many skill sets, backgrounds, and disciplines. Because of this DevRel teams are, in many cases, able to quickly adapt to change and pivot work based on a business’s needs.

In this talk, Randall Degges and Matt Jarvis will talk about how you can build a resilient DevRel team that adapts and thrives in the face of challenges. We’ll cover maximizing the value of DevRel in difficult economic conditions, give some pointers for ensuring your team is aligned with the needs of the business, and describe some real world examples of how we’ve built resiliency into the Dev Rel team at Snyk.

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