Rahat Chowdhury

Head of Developer Relations


Rahat is a former hip-hop artist turned engineer who now works to improve the User Experience of Web3. While working in developer relations, he enjoys mentoring developers in the web3 space and helping them push the boundaries for what can be built on blockchain. He’s an avid builder and former founder looking to continue building tools that help create amazing experiences for developers.

Onboarding yourself before Onboarding your Communities

In the rapidly evolving world of Web3, staying up-to-date with the latest technologies and innovations can be challenging.
This is particularly true for individuals new to a company and must quickly become proficient in a specific niche subject within Web3, to teach and deliver technical workshops effectively.

This talk will guide how to learn technical subjects and deliver workshops quickly and effectively.
You will learn:
– How to leverage conversations with product and engineering teams to gain valuable insights into the specific technologies they need to learn about.
– How to join existing communities in their Web3 niche and gather learning resources from others in the field.
– How to build their first project and create content, gradually moving from Twitter threads and blog posts to video tutorials or workshops

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