Nadia Jiang

COO and Co-Founder


Nadia Jiang is an entrepreneur, open-source enthusiast, and DevRel expert.
Currently serving as the COO of SegmentFault, China’s largest developer Q&A community, and co-founder of Answer, an open-source Q&A platform software. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Nadia is a dedicated contributor to open-source organizations, including the China Computer Federation (CCF), China Institute of Communications (CIC), and KAIYUANSHE. She plays an instrumental role in organizing and volunteering for various open-source events, such as ApacheCon Asia, OpenInfra Days China, etc. Nadia is also the co-founder and conference chair of OSPO Summit and Dev.Together China Summit.

Empowering Developers through Open Governance: A Case Study of SegmentFault’s Success

SegmentFault is China’s largest Developer Q&A community with over 7 million registered users. A young brand with a commitment to open governance and user co-creation has helped them stand out and earn the trust of developers.

In this talk, SegmentFault’s COO, Nadia Jiang, will share her experiences in community development, including user growth and incentive systems, community event organization, and the application of open-source culture in community operations.
The goal is to help other organizations build successful developer communities and relationships using SegmentFault’s leading practices.

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