Myrsini Koukiasa

Director of Developer Relations EMEA


Myrsini is the Director of Developer Relations EMEA at Twilio. She supports a team of Developer Evangelists to inspire and equip developers to build the future of customer engagement. Her background is in program management, events and campaigns, including roles at Vonage, PayPal and Major League Hacking. She’s a self-proclaimed quiz nerd with a speciality in film and TV – if you run into her, challenge her.

How to make less more: learn to pivot when your budget disappears

Is your DevRel budget getting cut because of the recession? Are you only building your program out now and have to work with limited resources?

In this talk,  Myrsini will explore how to make less more and go through practical tips for creating meaningful DevRel programs and activities with no to low direct budget. Whether you work for a startup or multi-thousand people company, she will go through solutions for all.

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