Kai Katschthaler

Developer Content Specialist

Kai Katschthaler (they/them) is a tech content specialist, developer educator, and mental health activist. They started out as a journalist and have been producing content of all kinds for over two decades. Aside from creating easy-to-read and enjoyable tech content, their current focus is helping engineers communicate their ideas and stories in blog posts, supporting them throughout the writing process. Kai is currently learning to code and loving it. You can always talk to them about neurodiversity, wild swimming, dogs, TV shows, video games, and food.

Host Your Interviews Like A Golden Globe Winner

Interviewing experts or hosting conversations is a fantastic way to source good content, whether for a blog post, podcast, live stream, or Twitter Space. But it’s also hard work. You have to ask the right questions at the right time to get those share-worthy answers. And sometimes you even have to do it live on the air!
Luckily, interviewing involves a mix of skills that can be acquired: technical skills on the one hand, such as learning how to prepare for interviews, and people skills on the other, such as empathy and curiosity. Drew Barrymore’s ability to conduct amazing, intimate interviews with celebrities on her talk show may seem like magic, but it’s something you can learn. In this talk, I’ll show you what we can learn from Drew Barrymore, and I’ll also share some tips from my background in journalism to give you the skills you need to interview folks while live streaming or for other types of content creation. By the end, you’ll be equipped to start interviewing and hosting like a pro.

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