John Booth

VP of Marketing


John is VP of Marketing at Directus, which contains DevRel. He is a natural connector, team builder, and entrepreneur as a two-time founder and 20+ years of marketing and growth experience.
He is the father of four, a past reality TV show cast member and a certified Kansas City Barbeque Society judge.

Learning From Marketing to Quantify Developer Relations Impact

Co-presenting with Kevin Lewis.

Measuring the value of developer relations teams has long been a challenge, leaving many organizations uncertain about their return on investment in these testing times. But our colleagues in Marketing are able to quantify their impact for many of the same activities.

In this talk, you will learn how to measure the value of relationships, content, tooling, and ultimately, your impact on revenue by leveraging marketing techniques that have proven successful in showing value. Discover the power of data-driven approaches in fostering strong developer communities and enhancing product adoption.

You will leave with some more knowledge in traditional marketing techniques for having and showing impact, and be able to apply it in your own practice.

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