Jason Baum

Senior Director, Developer Relations & Marketing

Sauce Labs

Thriving on a Budget: Success with a ‘Community of Everywhere’ Approach

“In this lightning talk, Jason Baum, head of Developer Relations (DevRel) at Sauce Labs, challenges the conventional community building principles that prioritize chat channels or forums as the nucleus of community engagement.

Jason’s DevRel strategy – with a lean team to support and a modest budget for execution – has amplified Sauce Labs community reach, enhanced brand reputation among developers, and achieved substantial growth. By focusing on a “”community of everywhere”” philosophy, Sauce Labs has fostered engagement across diverse platforms without proprietary chat channels or forums, instead supporting and participating in existing industry and open-source project communities. Drawing from Sauce Labs’ success, Jason will share insights on building a vibrant, multi-platform community by leveraging existing audiences and content channels.

Key Takeaways:
– Rethinking Community Engagement: Understand why a chat channel or forum doesn’t have to be the center of your DevRel program.
– Leveraging Existing Platforms: Learn how to utilize existing content channels and audiences to build a robust community engagement strategy.
– Cost-Effective Community Building: Discover how to expand your community reach and improve brand reputation on a limited budget and with a small team.
– Unified Community Approach: Explore the benefits of supporting and engaging in a “”community of everywhere”” to foster inclusivity and diversity.”

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