Erin Mikail Staples

Developer Experience Engineer


From Misconceptions to Mastery: The Importance of AI Literacy in Developer Relations

In the current age of Developer Relations (DevRel), more and more organizations and technology companies are venturing into the machine learning or AI world. Without a comprehensive understanding of these tools, the algorithms behind them, or their impact both internally and externally, DevRel professionals risk getting caught up in the dangerous fray of hype and misinformation.

Misunderstandings of AI within DevRel can range: from not knowing how these machine learning tools work, to misunderstanding where their data comes from and misunderstanding how to maximize their use. Misunderstandings also involve the ethics and efficacy of these tools — knowing and learning the boundaries of what is possible and what isn’t. Most importantly, why something might not be possible within the current age of machine learning and AI.
To combat these misconceptions, it’s crucial that DevRel professionals immerse themselves in machine learning and AI. It’s no longer acceptable to dismiss these technologies out of disbelief or unwillingness to engage. If an organization is considering adopting, developing, or working with machine learning and AI tools, understanding how these work is of utmost importance. Ignoring the need for understanding can lead to DevRel professionals getting caught up in the fanfare and noise, or even promoting a fear-mongering attitude.

This talk is important for anyone who is currently or could soon be working with machine learning or AI tools. In it, you’ll gain the skills and understanding to level up as a professional and prevent from spreading of misinformation. Don’t worry — no AI experience or PhD required: we’ll break down the introductory roadmap for anyone curious about how to start learning!

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