Ben Gamble

DevRel manager


 A long builder of games, simulations, and collaborative user experiences, Ben has previously built a global logistics company, Large scale online games and Augmented reality apps. Ben currently works at Aiven, leading a team of advocates making open-source data tools accessible for everyone.

Building internal alignment

This talk is about clear techniques for building alignment within your organization to improve the visibility and buy-in of your work, and to get consensus and input from colleagues that are also in the field, or deep in the product.
Devrel is sometimes viewed as something off on its own. Something hard to measure, and something free from the concerns of demand generation, architectural decision records, and pipeline coverage.

We’ll explore pipeline generation, brand authority and net promoter scores, and how they drive an organization. We’ll look at what different parts of the organization can bring to your efforts, and how you can leverage this to hit multiple goals at once. From supporting solution architects to co-writing talks with security analysts, and building content to aid in discovery and support. There’s much we can do to be closer aligned internally and bring greater value and results now more than ever we’ve got to be seen and measured as part of solution, rather than a flashy boondoggle.

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