Beatta Lovrečić

Developer Events Specialist


Beatta is a developer events specialist at Infobip. She has more than 5 years of experience in event management and has recently hopped on the DevRel train.

She’s passionate about project management and constantly searches for a better organisational hack.
When she’s not travelling, she’s mostly out walking her dachshund, Dida.

How to make your event manager love you

An event manager’s job seems relatively straightforward – they are here to organize events. But organizing events has a caveat – you must organize people, too.
This talk is aimed at every developer relations professional, whether they’ve been in the industry for a while or just starting and have an event manager in their team. It will advise them on how to help their event manager stay on track and lessen the stress of preparing them for an event.
Everybody involved in DevRel is no stranger to multitasking – people mostly prepare for multiple events simultaneously. That includes transportation, accommodation, CFPs, swag and goodies, and most of the time, booth design and building. Everyone in the team has their part to play. Still, the event manager is usually responsible for ensuring everything is delivered on time and with the best possible quality. However, projects and events are very susceptible to human action, reaction, and in the end, error.
As an event manager, you can always count that something will go wrong.

The talk is divided into three parts of event preparation (before, during and after event activities). Each part includes easy steps and actions one can do to make their event manager love them more.
Some of the steps are:
1. Before the event – 1. Help us, help/organise you 2. Participate in the creative! 3. Get ready to be pinged!)
2. During the event – 1. setting up 2. answering q’s 3. have an appropriate demo for your technology)
3. After the event – Wrap up and do shareable content

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