Angela Bates

Senior Manager Engineering Advocacy

Discover Financial Services

Angela has implemented some of technology industry’s most popular developer relations, business partner and tech start-up programmes that build awareness, engagement and advocacy. She has dedicated the best part of her career being committed to help developers master their craft and be successful with technology. Currently introducing developer advocacy programmes at Discover Financial Services, Angela previously led developer relations and technical pre-sales teams at IBM.

Angela is an experienced leader for Women in Tech and devrel communities and an enthusiastic soprano with a community choir.

Devrel for all – how all industries can and should care about developers

As businesses begin to realise how much their survival relies on technology, building a bridge between the company, their own developers the developer community is as important to banks, car companies and online retailers as it is to developer-first software vendors. In this talk, we explore the subtleties of building a devrel programme in a ‘developer-plus’ company like ours at Discover Financial Services. We will share our journey to attract talent, empower developers with modern skills, build their eminence, then open the doors to a sharing culture in an industry which is inherently risk adverse.

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