Amit Jotwani

Developer Relations Consultant & Developer Educator

The State of Quick Start Guides: Why Most Flop & How to Write a Great One

Quick Start guides should be like a friendly hello to developers diving into your API or SDK. They’re crucial for welcoming developers aboard, acting as that first impression which can either open the door wide or slam it shut in their face.

While most companies know of this, it’s wild how many of these guides just don’t hit the mark. They end up packed to the brim with too much info, or they toss out code snippets that leave you more puzzled than when you started. Instead of rolling out the red carpet, they’re throwing down roadblocks.

In this session, we’re going to cut through the fluff and get down to what makes a Quick Start guide genuinely helpful. We’ll look at where things often go wrong and show you how to turn things around, crafting guides that developers not only use but actually appreciate. Expect some honest advice, practical pointers, and a few war stories from the front lines of crafting these guides.

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