Alfredo Morresi

Developer Community Operations lead


I love to help people get things done, leading teams at the intersection of community, technology, and fun. Community builder and developer by passion, Developer Relation @ Google by profession. The learn-build-share loop is my mantra, and I love being a dad, free-software, running on the beach, and snowboarding. I relentlessly train myself in preparing (and eating) Tiramisù. I’m definitely yellow.

A playbook for a successful Developer Community Operations team

When a community program grows, it moves from a one-person band role to a team of people, to a team of teams. And Community Operations is often one of the first teams formed. When to start one, and how to scale it? What are its key responsibilities? It’s just about data, dashboards and automations, or is there something more? In this session, Alfredo will share his best learnings in leading a developer community operations team at Google, the most embarrassing failures and “the road head”.

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