Alexandra White

Senior Tech Writer


Alexandra is a technical writer at Google, based in New York City.
She writes documentation for web developers and the web ecosystem about the Privacy Sandbox technologies. Before she was a full-time writer, Alexandra was a web developer, a digital marketing manager, and a post-production editor.

Beyond empathy: Write accessible docs


When developers and product talk about accessibility, it’s often framed as an engineering problem to solve. It’s critical our documentation and content are made accessible, too. We can and must do better in DevRel thinking about accessibility as it applies across our work, especially with our choice of language and content design.

With this talk, you’ll learn actionable steps to create accessible content:
– Start with accessible style guides and a11y-friendly words
– Write accessible HTML to hold your content
– Learn how to test your work with automatic tests, assistive technology, and real people

Finally, we’ll review how to advocate for accessibility as a priority that’s worth your time. Accessibility shouldn’t be a backlog item but instead integrated throughout your content creation. You’ll walk away with some easy wins to make right now and some strategies for long-term improvements.

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