Aditya Oberai

Developer Advocate


Aditya Oberai is a Developer Advocate at Appwrite and an avid tech community and hackathon enthusiast. Having worked with various technologies such as APIs, cross-platform apps, cloud computing, etc., he has spent the last 4 years empowering tech communities and is currently active as a Microsoft MVP and Twilio Champion.

Beating Stage Fright

One of the most common activities we DevRel professionals indulge in is public speaking. Whether at local meetups, global conferences, live streams, or podcasts, we often find ourselves interacting with our audiences and communities from a stage. However, being on the stage is not necessarily easy for everyone. In fact, it can be a very scary experience in the early days.

The fear and anxiety caused by a stage are not easy to deal with; however, they can be tackled and conquered.
In this session, Aditya will take the opportunity to help normalize this fear of the stage while sharing how stage fright can be dealt with and beaten.

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