Adam DuVander

Principal Consultant


Your Developer Relations Content Strategy in 50 Minutes

There’s a prevailing wisdom that dev rel should write more content. That pressure sometimes comes from other departments, such as marketing. Many times these high expectations come from ourselves. There is no shortage of technical content that could be written and we know dev rel is best equipped to produce it.

Rather than hop on the developer content treadmill, follow the advice of technical engagement expert Adam DuVander. When you focus on high-value content, you can create less… and often get better results than high-volume, reactionary publication.

This workshop will show how how you can:

– Plan with concepts, not topics
– Use keyword research, not keyword stuffing
– Focus on problems, not products

Open your laptop or grab your notebook, because we’ll follow the exact process used with some of the best dev-focused companies. You’ll leave this workshop with enthusiasm and a new, more realistic and successful developer content plan.

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